Plymouth SARC

The Plymouth SARC (Sexual Assault Referral Centre) is moving to new premises that will provide improved 24 hour access to counselling and services including; better car parking, a state of the art adult forensic facility for the residents of Plymouth, as well as access to support staff and medical services at any time of the day or night. This can be with or without the need for police involvement.

The new Plymouth SARC will be located at Hawthorne House, a safe location in Estover. Plymouth residents will be able to access the full range of SARC services from the 1st of October by calling 0300 3034626 or by using the quick online referral form.

All of our staff are specially trained to support anyone who experienced rape or sexual assault. This could have been recently or in the past. You will always be believed and treated with the utmost dignity and respect.

The Plymouth SARC provides support and services to males and females of any age.

The services we offer here include:

  • Crisis worker support for victims
  • Forensic medical facilities and examination
  • Sexual health and contraception information and referral services. Advice on sexual health in Plymouth.
  • Follow-up emotional and practical support from an independent advisor (ISVA)
  • Information about reporting to the police or sharing information anonymously
  • Information and referral to other support services in the area
  • Advice about personal safety
  • Referral to our counsellor

There are also Devon & Cornwall SARCs in Exeter and Truro.