Feedback & user groups


Our services are for women, men and children and we work hard to try and get things right. You can help us to develop and improve our services by filling in the feedback form or joining a user group. You can also say “thank you” if there is someone who has been especially helpful or you can make a complaint if you feel in anyway let down by the service.

You can read some recent feedback here.

User Groups

User groups are small groups of people who have previously used the SARC and who want to help shape the service and improve it for other people in the future. The groups are usually made up of 6 – 8 people. The user groups are for each SARC area; Exeter, Plymouth and Truro and are held every 4 months. They can be made up of men and women, just men, just women or the families of people that have been affected.

So far this year, our user groups have helped to develop the content and design of this website, have improved the printed information provided to women, men and the families of children who have used the service and have helped to develop the way that we deliver our services.

If you would like to take part in a user group, you can sign up in the feedback form.